• 4-day private tour for Australia-Naturally Tours - 120 species including Noisy Scrubbird, Western Bristlebird and Black-throated Whipbird


  • Private SW tours - 15 endemics plus 5 near endemics


  • Private tour to Cheynes Beach - 15 endemics, plus 5 near endemics




  • Bellbird Tours SW Endemics - 150 species


  • Limosa SW - 180+ species including Gilbert's Whistler, Western Bowerbird, Cape Barren Goose and Cockatiel. 


  • Private tour north of Perth - Western Quail-thrush, Chiming Wedgebill, Bourke's Parrot, Pied and Black Honeyeaters, Western Grasswren, White-browed & Black-tailed Treecreeper, Spinifex Pigeon.


  • Cheynes Beach  - all 16 SW endemics plus all 5 near-endemics


  • Various SW tours including to Cheynes Beach - Noisy Scrub-bird, Western Bristlebird and Black-throated (Western) Whipbird all seen and photographed.


  • Wings/Sunbird SW tour - 170+ species including all endemics (bar Western Fieldwren), plus Freckled Duck, Hooded Plover and a surprise sighting of a rare Sabine's Gull at Bremer Bay!



  • Limosa's SW tour - all the SW endemics and near-endemics.

August & September

  • More tours to Cheynes Beach and the South West - all 16 endemics seen (with the recent split of Western Whipbird into Black-throated Whipbird here in Western Australia a new endemic comprising races nigrogularis and oberon has been added). Other highlights included Rufous Treecreeper, Blue-breasted Fairywren, Western Whistler, Western Yellow Robin, Rock Parrot and Hooded Plover.


  • Back to back Cheynes Beach tours - great views of Noisy Scrub-bird, Western Bristlebird and Western Whipbird plus many others including Rock Parrot, Red-winged Fairywren & Red-eared Firetail.


  • Shire of Manjimup - 121 species so far, including Square-tailed Kite, Western Corella, Baudin's & Carnaby's Black-Cockatoos, Red-capped Parrot, Western Rosella, Rufous Treecreeper, Red-winged Fairywren, Western Wattlebird, Western Spinebill, Gilbert's Honeyeater, Western Thornbill, Western Whistler, White-breasted, Scarlet & Western Yellow Robins and Red-eared Firetail.

  • Rottnest Island - two notable vagrants in Beach Stone-Curlew and Spotted Harrier plus many terns - Caspian, Crested, Fairy, Roseate and Bridled.

  • South Coast, including Windy Harbour, Rushy Point at Albany and Morley Beach on the Wilson Inlet - Pied & Sooty Oystercatchers, Grey, Pacific Golden and Red-capped Plovers, Bar-tailed Godwit, Sharp-tailed, Curlew & Pectoral Sandpipers, Common Greenshank and Red-necked Stint, Rock Parrot plus a vagrant Eastern Yellow Wagtail.



August-December (such a busy time!)

  • All 15 endemics plus the 5 near endemics seen frequently on numerous tours for Wings, Peregrine Bird Tours, Limosa, Ornitholidays and many more!


  • 4 day SW tour with Australia-Naturally clients, Bill & Louise from California - highlights included a flock of 300+ Carnaby's Black Cockatoos, close up views of Western Whipbird, Red-eared Firetail, Blue-breasted and Red-winged Fairywrens not to mention an Echidna and Humpback whales!

  • ATS Japan Shark Bay tour - highlights included Western Grasswren, Spinifex Pigeon, Red-browed Pardalote, Dusky Gerygone, Chiming Wedgebill, White-breasted Whistler and Mangrove Fantail.


  • 5 day SW tour with Denise & Chris from Tamworth, NSW - excellent views and photographs of Malleefowl, Noisy Scrub-bird, Western Bristlebird, Western Whipbird, Rock Parrot and many more.

  • Perth Day tours - Red-winged & Blue-breasted Fairywrens, Baudin's Black Cockatoo, Red-capped Parrot and Western Rosella plus Scarlet, Western Yellow & White-breasted Robins amongst many more.


  • Cheynes Beach tours 8-10th + 14-17th - Noisy Scrub-bird, Western Bristlebird and Western Whipbird all seen well. Other highlights included Red-eared Firetail, Rock Parrot and Western Fieldwren.


  • Private 2-day SW tour for Nicolas from Denmark - all 15 endemics plus all 5 near endemics, Banded Stilt, Blue-billed Duck and Purple-gaped Honeyeater.




  • Limosa 14-day SW Tour - 175 species including Noisy Scrub Bird, Western Bristlebird, Western Whipbird, Spotted Nightjar, Malleefowl and Rock Parrot.

  • Cheynes Beach and the Mallee Tour - all 15 endemics plus Malleefowl.



  • 6-day SW tour for Mike & Gill from UK - all 15 endemics plus the 5 near-endemics.



  • Wanjarri NR and Wondinong Station - Striated Grasswren, Western Quail-thrush, White-browed Treecreeper, Australian Bustard, Grey-fronted, Pied, and Black Honeyeater and Masked Woodswallow.


  • Another lightning SW tour, this time with Claudi from Barcelona. All 15 (IOC) endemics plus Western Whipbird, Rufous Treecreeper, Blue-breasted Fairywren, Rock Parrot, Western Whistler, Western Yellow Robin, Spotted Nightjar and Eastern Barn Owl out of 120 species.


  • A lightning 4-day SW tour with Jonathan Franzen yielded all 14 (Clements) endemics plus Western Whipbird, Rufous Treecreeper, Blue-breasted Fairywren, Rufous (Western) Fieldwren, Golden (Western) Whistler, Western Yellow Robin and Southern Scrub Robin amongst 100+ other species.


  • Hooded Plover, Western Whipbird, Southern Scrub Robin, Regent Parrot, Australian Owlet-Nightjar, Western (Rufous) Fieldwren - Stirling Ranges.



  • Musk Duck, Western Wattlebird, Red-eared Firetail, Gilbert's Honeyeater, Western Rosella, Red-winged Fairywren and White-breasted Robin at Big Brook Dam during a Half Day Tour with Geoff & Joan from Bristol, UK.


  • Western Corellas at Toodyay, Buff-banded Rail and Freckled Duck at Herdsman Lake during a Perth & Environs Tour with Paul King (US)


  • Short-billed & Long-billed Black Cockatoos, Red-capped Parrot, Western Rosella, Red-winged Fairywren, Gilbert's Honeyeater, Western Spinebill, White-breasted Robin, Red-eared Firetail.



December 12-18 Targeted South West Tour for Madeline Bauer (US)

  • Cape Barren Goose (race grisea), Hooded Plover, Rock Parrot, Spotless Crake, Little Penguin, Brown Skua, Parasitic Jaeger, Crested Honey Buzzard.

November 29 - December 1 Cheynes Beach-Pemberton Tour for Bellbird Tours South Australia

  • Noisy Scrub Bird, Western Bristlebird, Western Whipbird, Red-eared Firetail, Western Corella, Great-winged Petrel, Flesh-footed Shearwater, Brush Bronzewing, Short-billed Black Cockatoo, Red-capped Parrot, Western Rosella, Southern Boobook, Tawny Frogmouth, Red-winged Fairywren, Southern Emuwren, Western Spinebill, Western Whistler, White-breasted Robin.

October 30 - November 4 Introductory South West Tour for ATS (Japan)

  • Freckled, Blue-billed & Musk Ducks, Great-winged Petrel, Flesh-footed Shearwater, Banded Lapwing, Hooded Dotterel, Fairy Tern, Short-billed & Long-billed Back Cockatoo, Western Corella, Red-capped Parrot, Western Rosella, Elegant, Rock & Regent Parrots, Rufous Treecreeper, Variegated, Blue-breasted, Red-winged & Splendid Fairywrens, Gilbert's Honeyeater, Western Wattlebird, Western Spinebill, Western Whistler, WHite-breasted Robin, Red-eared Firetail.

October 12-26 South West Tour for Limosa Holidays (UK)

  • 189 species including all 15 endemics, Western Whipbird, Rufous & White-browed Treecreepers, Freckled Duck, Black-browed Albatross, Cape Barren Goose, Black-faced Cormorant, Hooded Dotterel, Bridled Tern, Brush Bronzewing, Mulga, Elegant, Rock & Regent Parrots, Budgerigar, Red-backed Kingfisher, 5 species of Fairywren, 14 species of Honeyeater, White-backed Swallow. 

September 27 - October 2 South West Tour with Wings-Sunbird (US-UK)

  • All 15 endemics plus Malleefowl, Freckled, Musk & Blue-billed Ducks, Square-tailed Kite, Hooded Dotterel, Fairy Tern, Brush Bronzewing, Elegant, Rock & Regent Parrots, Southern Boobook, Tawny Frogmouth, Rufous Treecreeper, Variegated, Blue-breasted & Splendid Fairywrens, Southern Emuwren, Purple-gaped Honeyeater, Shy Heathwren, Western Whipbird, Crested Shrike-tit, Western Whistler, Western Yellow Robin, Southern Scrub Robin. 

September 18-25 South West Tour for Art & Alicia Hulse (US)

  • All 15 endemics plus Malleefowl, Hooded Dotterel, Rufous Treecreeper, Western Whipbird, Western Yellow Robin, Blue-breasted Fairywren, Western Whistler,

August 26-28 South West Tour for John Dole (US)

  • All 15 endemics plus Square-tailed Kite, Spotless Crake, Hooded Dotterel, Elegant & Rock Parrots, Eastern Barn Owl, Spotted Nightjar, Rufous Treecreeper, Blue-breasted Fairywren, Western Whipbird, Western Whistler, Western Yellow Robin.

August 8-16 South West Tour with Stavros Christodoulides (Cyprus)

  • All 15 endemics plus Malleefowl, Freckled Duck, Spotless Crake, Hooded Dotterel, Rufous Treecreeper, Blue-breasted Fairywren, Western Whipbird, Western Whistler, Western Yellow Robin.

July 25-28 South West Endemics Tour with Denzil Morgan (UK)

  • Noisy Scrub Bird, Western Bristlebird, Carnaby's (Short-billed) Black Cockatoo, Red-capped Parrot, Western Rosella, Red-eared Firetail, Western Spinebill, Western Wattlebird, Tawny-crowned & White-cheeked Honeyeaters, White-breasted Robin, Southern Emuwren all at Cheynes Beach;

  • Baudin's (Long-billed) Black Cockatoo, Spotless Crake and Painted Button-quail near Albany;

  • Rufous Treecreeper in the Porongurup Ranges;

  • Regent and Elegant Parrots, Western (Rufous) Fieldwren and Little Eagle in the Stirling Ranges;

  • Shy Heathwren, Southern Scrub Robin, Purple-gaped Honeyeater and Blue-breasted Fairywren at Corackerup NR;

  • Western Corella, Western Yellow Robin and Banded Lapwing near Lake Muir

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